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Discover top-quality liquid & dust filtration solutions at Zhongting. We offer long-lasting filter cartridges & bags tailored to meet your needs. Choose from a range of sizes & types for water treatment, chemical processing, or food & beverage. Say goodbye to frequent filter changes – trust Zhongting for lasting results. 🌟 #Filtration #QualityFilters

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Discover the 10 Micron Water Filter Cartridge at Zhongtangfilter.com! This high-quality filter ensures clean water by removing small particles like sediment and rust. Trust us for pure water!

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High-quality 100 Micron Water Filter Cartridge available for sale now! Improve the purity of your water with this reliable filter cartridge, ensuring clean and safe drinking water for your household. Don’t miss out on this essential product!

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PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge

Best PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge Manufacturers from China

As the leading wholesaler of PVDF pleated filter cartridges from China, we offer exceptional filtration performance and durability. Our cartridges are designed to effectively remove impurities and ensure a clean and efficient operation. With our wholesale prices, you can save big on your filtration needs. Contact us today to learn more about our product specifications and place your order.

  • Introducing PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge from ZhongTing

    This innovative cartridge provides superior filtration for bulk materials at a lower cost compared to other similar products in the market.

• High porosity and hydrophilic PVDF membrane, along with efficient structure, ensures exceptional performance.
• Ideal for sterilization filtration of various biological substances.
• High-velocity membrane allows maximum utilization, making it suitable for critical applications.
• Trust in ZhongTing’s expertise in filtration technology.
• Experience enhanced quality and efficiency with the PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge.

PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge
PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge

PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge Technical Parameters

The PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge is a key component in the world of filtration technology. It is designed with precision, providing high efficiency for fluid and gas filtration applications. It provides fine filtration and compatibility with various chemicals and solvents, making it versatile for different applications.

Size&SpecOD: ¢69mm
Length: 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
Filtration precision: 0.01 - 100 micron
Effective filtration area: 0.65m2/ 10”
MaterialFilter media: PVDF membrane
Support layer / diversion layer: PP
Shell/end cap: PP
Center rod: PP or SS
Sealing ring material: Silicone rubber,EPR(ethylene propylene rubber) Nitrile rubber fluorous rubber, Teflon rubber, Teflon coated rubber
Operation parameterPH: 1-13
Normal working temperature: ≤ 65℃
Max working temperature: 85°C
Running hot water disinfection: 85°C/ 30 minutes
Sterilization: online 121+/- 2℃ , 30 minutes per time.
cleaning: 2.5% NaOH solution
LiberationEndotoxin: <0.25EU/ml
Soluble substance: <0.03g/10in
PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge Flow Characteristics
PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge Flow Characteristics
  • PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge Flow Characteristics

    Flow Rate Vs. Differential Pressure Performance

• Filter has a high flow rate due to the pleated design
• Pleated design increases surface area for fluid flow
• Lower pressure drop compared to other filters
• Allows for more efficient flow of fluids
• Excellent retention rate ensures optimal filtration performance

PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge Parameters for Optional Materials

Explore the vital parameters of PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridges for diverse materials, guaranteeing efficient filtration. Optimize performance for your filtration system by selecting from a variety of options, including polypropylene, polyester, and nylon. Attain exceptional chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and enhanced durability for optimal efficiency and longevity.

Max temperature:80℃
PH value:1-13
Micron rating:0.1-50 micron

Max temperature:90℃
PH value:1-14
Filtration accuracy:0.1 – 50 micron

Max temperature:260℃
PH value:1-14
Micron rating:0.01-200um

Max temperature:90℃
PH value:6-14
Filtration accuracy:0.1 – 5 micron

Max temperature:70℃
PH value:1-14
Filtration accuracy:0.1 – 5 micron

We excel at fulfilling your unique requirements with precision and excellence. Our adept processing capability ensures seamless service tailored to your needs.

Welcome to Our PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge Factory!

  • PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge Common Interface

    Consider availability, cost, and compatibility when choosing an interface option. Evaluate these factors to make an informed decision that meets your needs.

• Pleated water filter cartridges come with threaded connections in sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 2″.
• Push-fit connections offer effortless, tool-free installation but may not be suitable for high-pressure applications.
• Bayonet connections use a twist-and-lock mechanism and are commonly associated with specific water filtration system brands.
• Compression fittings, ideal for high-pressure applications, ensure a reliable seal with a ferrule and compression nut.
• Quick-connect fittings provide easy, tool-free installation and removal for maximum convenience.

  • Why zhongting's PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge

• Exceptional Chemical Resistance: Resists harsh chemicals and solvents ideal for pharmaceutical, chemical, food/beverage industries requiring high purity
• High Filtration Efficiency: Pleated design maximizes area; melt-blown bonding ensures retention and consistent flow
• Extended Service Life: High-quality construction resists abrasion and chemicals
• Customizable Micron Ratings: Available 0.1-10 microns for prefiltration and final filtration
• Easy Maintenance: Standard design fits most housings; secure seals prevent bypass

ZhongTing's Partners

Many esteemed partners of ZhongTing have effortlessly integrated and enjoyed the benefits of our cutting-edge filtering solutions. Our advanced technology ensures precise and efficient filtering processes, enhancing the overall performance and productivity of their operations.

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PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridges are high-quality filtration devices known for their excellent chemical resistance and purity. With a durable PVDF membrane and a pleated design, these cartridges offer optimal filtration efficiency and throughput. Ideal for demanding filtration tasks, they are widely used in industries such as chemicals, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage.

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Upgrade your filtration system with our Professional Pleated Filter Cartridge Solution! Enjoy cleaner, purer water and improved efficiency with our cutting-edge technology. Get yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge, get onboard.

Q: What is a PVDF pleated filter cartridge?

A: A PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) pleated filter cartridge is a type of filter cartridge that utilizes a membrane pleated design made of hydrophilic PVDF material to filter and purify liquids effectively in various applications.

Q: What are the benefits of using a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge?

A: The benefits of using a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge include its hydrophilic nature, high flow rates, low protein adsorption, bacterial retention, and suitability for final filtration in water treatment and liquid filtration processes.

Q: What are the key features of a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge?

A: The key features of a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge include a microporous structure, suitable retention of contaminants, long service life, wide application in various industries, and compatibility with USP class requirements.

Q: How does a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge compare to other types of filters, such as PP or string wound filters?

A: Compared to PP or string wound filters, a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge offers superior performance in terms of liquid filtration, bacterial retention, low protein adsorption, and broader usage in different applications.

Q: What are the typical applications of PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridges?

A: PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridges are widely used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, water treatment, and other industries where high-quality liquid filtration and final purification are essential.

Q: How is a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge constructed?

A: A PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge is constructed using a combination of hydrophilic PVDF membrane and polypropylene, ensuring efficient filtration and durability.

Q: What is the service life of a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge?

A: The service life of a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge is long due to its high-quality construction and effective filtration properties, making it a reliable option for continuous use.

Q: Is a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge suitable for critical applications such as final filtration?

A: Yes, a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge is suitable for critical applications like final filtration, as it offers excellent retention of contaminants and microorganisms, meeting the stringent requirements of final purification processes.

Q: What is the difference between a hydrophilic PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge and a standard PVDF filter cartridge?

A: The main difference lies in the hydrophilic nature of the PVDF membrane, which allows for better wetting and flow characteristics, making the hydrophilic PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge more suitable for specific liquid filtration applications.

Q: Can a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge be used for wide-ranging liquid filtration needs?

A: Yes, a PVDF membrane pleated filter cartridge is suitable for a wide range of liquid filtration needs, including water treatment, pharmaceutical processing, food and beverage production, and industrial liquid purification processes due to its versatile and efficient filtration properties.

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